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About Franco, Stop Stalling Director & Instructor 

I qualified as a driving instructor in 2017 and immediately decided I was only going to teach in an automatic car.  Having helped my daughter to drive, I couldn't accept the outdated traditional view that driving lessons had to be in a manual car.  In my view learning to drive today is challenging enough without having to learn in outdated manual cars.  It's a fact that future cars will be electric vehicles and are only available as automatics.

Learning to drive on our busy roads is already overwhelming to many students.  In an automatic, you learn to control the vehicle so much sooner than in a manual vehicle.  The sooner you feel confident with the car controls the sooner you'll be able to tackle the road and other road users.

And let's not forget the greatest advantage of learning in an automatic over a manual car.  Automatic cars cannot stall when moving off from a junction.  Image not having to deal with the embarrassment of stalling at a roundabout!  So Stop Stalling and contact us for a lesson.

Our Car, Your Driving Vehicle

Our intention is to be different from the traditional driving school. As well as moving away from the ‘hot house’ atmosphere of learning to drive in a manually geared car.  We strive to teach you in a less polluting, more environmentally friendly vehicle.

At Stop Stalling, you will learn in a hybrid car that is smooth as it is environmentally friendly to our planet.  Our cars have a self charging electric motor that delivers power at slow speeds with an efficient petrol engine when more power is needed.

Our cars also come with lots of new technology such as reversing cameras that help you succeed in passing your test and learning how to drive.

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