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About Franco, Stop Stalling Director & Instructor 

"I started Stop Stalling Automatic Driving School in 2020. I qualified as a driving instructor in 2017 and decided from the beginning to only teach my students in an automatic car rather than follow all the other instructors in a manual car. I couldn’t accept the traditional way of watching students struggling to multi-task gears and clutch pedal as well as dealing with roundabouts and other hazards.  

Before becoming an instructor, I had watched my teenage daughter lose confidence and enthusiasm to learn because of the fear of changing gears.

Wanting to help, I insured her in our automatic car and gave her private lessons. Within 5 minutes she had regained her confidence and enjoyment.  The pressure of changing gears correctly had become an impediment to her learning and once this was removed, she was able to focus on the road ahead. 

Since then, I have taught so many students, like my daughter, to overcome their fear of stalling. Many of them had been told by previous instructors that driving was beyond their ability or they were unteachable. So for me the reason for starting Stop Stalling Automatic Driving School is to teach and support all those students who’ve been dismissed and let down by so many bad instructors."

Our Car, Your Driving Vehicle

It was always our intention to be different from the traditional everyday driving school. The ‘hot house’ atmosphere of learning to drive in a stalling and polluting manually geared car is all too common.

But, you now have the choice. Why not learn in our smooth and easy to drive hybrid that uses clean electric power? 

At Stop Stalling there is no more anxious, uncomfortable lessons in a gas guzzling car of past. Our Toyota Corolla Hybrid comes with lots of driver technology that is useful and actually helps you to become a better and more confident driver. The result is you feel good about your lessons and good about the environment.

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