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  • How do I get a driver's licence?
    In short, you will need to pass an independent practical driving test before you are allowed to drive a car on your own. To be able to take your driving test you will have to apply for a provisional driving licence and then pass your practical theory test. Read more in this Step by Step Guide.
  • Can I learn to drive if I don't have a driver's licence?
    Yes, you can start learning to drive so long as you have a provisional licence. Apply for a provisional licence.
  • Do I need to have passed my practical theory test before I can start learning to drive?
    No, you can still learn to drive without having taken your theory test. Learning to drive while you study for your theory test makes a lot of sense and will help with both your driving and your theory. Furthermore we can help you with those tricky questions.
  • Can I choose to start learning in an automatic if I’ve already started to learn in a manual car?
    Yes you can. Your lessons in a manual car will still be invaluable experience going forward. However, if your lessons are causing you anxiety and you are not enjoying them, come and try a Stop Stalling automatic driving lesson. We guarantee you’ll see the difference immediately.
  • If I pass my practical driving test in an automatic, will I be allowed to drive a manual?"
    If you take a test in an automatic you will only be allowed to drive an automatic and not a manual vehicle. However, with continuing uptake in electric and hybrid which only have automatic gears and the phasing out of manual cars, automatic driving tests will become the norm within 10 years.
  • What is easier to learn, a manual or automatic car?"
    If you do not need to spend valuable time and effort learning when and how to change gears, it follows that learning to drive in an automatic will be considerably simpler and thereby easier. Remove the fear of stalling and look forward to your lesson.
  • How many hours or lessons will it take to pass my test?
    According to the DVSA, the average number of hours needed is around 45 hours of driving lessons and a further 22 hours of private practice. Whether you can pass in fewer hours depends on your ability to learn and our ability to teach. Depending on your needs you should be looking to do 2 to 4 hours a week of driving lessons.
  • Are there any other resources to support my learning while I’m taking driving lessons?
    Yes there are lots of apps and books that will really support your learning whether you are learning for your theory or practical driving test. Speak with your instructor, otherwise look for: The Official DVSA Guide to Learning to Drive The Official DVSA Guide to Learning to driving - the essential skills The Official Highway Code and Know Your Traffic Signs The Official DVSA Theory Test Kit app
  • I have specific special needs, how will learning to drive in an automatic rather than a manual benefit me?"
    We have lots of experience in teaching many students with different specific needs. Depending on the student's specific need, an automatic car will always be a lot simpler to drive than a manually geared car. A manual car requires the student to coordinate with two feet as well as changing gear with the left hand and steering with the right hand. It takes a lot of practice to master and the first 10 hours can be extraordinarily steep learning curve. For students with Dyspraxia, the only solution is learning to drive in an automatic car.
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