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Pricing & Offers

Our lessons are either 1½ or 2 hours in length. This provides plenty of opportunity to learn and practice the lesson objective. A one hour lesson can be arranged only as an introduction lesson.

  • 1 hour - £37.00          

  • 1½ hours - £55.50     

  • 2 hours - £74.00

  • 10 hours - £350.00 (discounted)

  • 20 hours - £680.00 (discounted)

  • 30 hours - £1000.00 (discounted)

  • Driving Test fee to cover use of car & insurance - £92.50

Please note: Payment must be made before your lesson.

Stop Stalling Offers

Introductory Lesson


Try learning in an

automatic and gain the confidence to drive.  

10 Lesson Deal


Secure a block booking with our popular 10 hour tution deal!

Gift a Lesson!


Gift that first driving lesson to a friend or relative. 

Payment Options

Once you contact us with your booking or gift request, we will provide details of how to pay online or with cash. 

Lesson Cancellations 

If you need to cancel your lesson for any reason, please contact your instructor either by phone or text within 48 hours of your scheduled lesson. Failure to notify your instructor may result in you being charged in full, for your cancelled lesson.  See terms and conditions for further information.

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