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It’s understandable that learning to drive a car can seem a little daunting from the start. You have to learn the different controls of the car and then there are rules and road signs to remember. Studying for the theory test before your lessons will certainly help, but you can study for the theory test alongside your driving lessons should you want to.  

At Stop Stalling, your lessons are fully supported by your instructor. Your learning needs are assessed and lessons are planned depending on your driving experience and understanding. You will not be thrown in at the deep end!


You will be given time to learn at your speed and lots of opportunity to practice. As you progress and your confidence grows you are given more responsibility and before you realise it you’re being encouraged by your instructor to book your driving test!

Find out more in our Lesson Guide

Happy learner driving holding pass certi
Driving an automatic means I'm no longer anxious!
The start of my new found freedom!
I stopped stalling and now have my driving license!
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