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Safety Notice

Your driving instructor has a legal duty to keep you and themselves safe while you are in the vehicle.  This duty extends to Coronavirus (COVID-19). We, therefore, clean the car before and after your lesson with antibacterial sprays and wipes. We provide you with a hand sanitizer to wash your hands and will supply other PPE should you wish to use. 


Control of Coronavirus (COVID-19) May 2020

It is a legal requirement that a driving instructor needs to stay ‘alert’ and maintain a risk assessment for a safe system of work. Failure to follow HSE (Heath and Safety Executive) guidelines is a breach of HSE regulations.

Joint Responsibilities

The instructor and the student must consider the following;

Does the instructor and or the student have any of the symptoms?

  1. High temperature - this means that you feel hot to touch on your chest or back.

  2. New, continuous cough.

  3. Loss of taste or smell.

Does the instructor and or the student fall into a higher risk group?


Does the instructor and or the student live with anyone who falls into the higher risks group?

  • If the instructor and or the student identifies themselves to be in a higher risk group or they live with someone who is in a higher risk group, then they need to take extra steps to protect themselves, including staying at home.  

  • If you believe you are at moderate risk including pregnancy, you may need to adhere strictly to Social Distancing rules and only leave home to buy food, acquire medicine or to exercise once a day.  It is therefore.

  • Social Distancing rules stipulate that we should maintain 2 metres where possible.  Where we are unable to separate, the instructor and the student must put in place others rules to mitigate the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

How we mitigate the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

1. Before collecting the student 

  • Is the instructor free of symptoms for 7 days or 14 days if they’ve been in contact with someone who has symptoms. 

  • The instructor shall call the student to see if they are free of symptoms for 7 days or 14 days if they have been in contact with someone who has symptoms.

  • The instructor shall remind the student to wash their hands for 20 seconds immediately before leaving their house.  If the student wishes to use disposable gloves, they must put on their gloves immediately before entering the car. 

  • The instructor should ensure the student is suitable clothed including arms and legs to mitigate the spread of the virus settling on the skin. 

  • As soon as the instructor arrives they will assess whether student to free of symptoms. This should be done via a conversation at least 2 metres apart before the student enters the car.  

  • If the instructor believes the student is not free of symptoms then they must cancel the lesson. 

  • The instructor must ask the student if they have just washed their hands, if the haven’t the instructor should insist that they sanitize with hand sanitizer provided by the instructor.

  • The instructor must remind the student that they should avoid touching their face and hands.

  • The instructor should explain to the student that the car interior and controls have been wiped down with antibacterial spray or wipes. Items that must be wiped include;

    • Internal and external door handles

    • Steering wheel

    • Window controls

    • Lights, wipers and indicator controls

    • Handbrake and gear lever

    • Keys or starter button

    • Mirror and mirror toggle controls

    • Training resources 

  • The instructor should explain to the student that during the lesson the windows shall be open whether permitting to allow for a continual flow of ventilation.  Should the air conditioning be required, then it will be set to non re-circulation.

  • f this lesson is the first lesson between the instructor and the student, the student will be asked to sent their photo provisional licence to be sent electronically. 


2. Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)


The instructor should provided the following; 

  • Hand sanitizer, 

  • Antibacterial wipes or cleaning products 

  • Disposable bin bag for the disposal of used PPE.


3. Optional PPE

The instructor or the student may provide and use appropriate PPE during the lesson. The instructor must explain to the student that the wearing of PPE may effect the students ability to drive therefore caution is required if PPE is to be used. The following PPE should be considered. 

  • Disposable gloves are voluntary.  Make sure that hands are washed before and after use and disposed safely. If the instructor is supplying latex gloves he must ask if the student if they have a latex allergy.

  • Face mask or coverings are voluntary. The student must be made aware that face coverings may impair vision if put on incorrectly especially if the student is wearing glasses. To prevent glasses misting up, the face coverings should be put on before the glasses.  Face coverings can also be uncomfortable and may effect communication between the instructor and student. 


4. During the lesson

  • Visual aids should only be held by the instructor 

  • No pens or devices should be shared but they should be wiped down with antibacterial if they are.

  • The instructor and the student should refrain from facing each other directly when in conversation 

  • An antibacterial wipe down of the car interior and controls should be repeated if the instructor has given a demonstration.

  • Consider electronic payments rather cash when accepting payment for the lesson. If cash is handled then both the instructor and the student should wash their hands after payment has been made. 


5. After the lesson 

  • Instructor will undertake a thorough antibacterial wipe down of all controls and surfaces including external door handles.  Extra time should be allocated by the instructor in between lessons so that it is carried out correctly. 

  • Do not shake the students hand, and wash hands immediately.

  • Remind the student to wash their hands as soon as they are home. 

  • Call the next student to  assess their fitness for the lesson so as to avoid a needless journey.

  • Where possible only use the vehicle for work to minimise spread of the virus.


6. Taking a client to test

  • Allow extra time at the test for cleaning the vehicle.

  • It may not be possible to accompany the student into the test centre.

  • The instructor will not be allowed to accompany the student on the test. 

  • The instructor may not be allowed to attend the end of test debrief.

  • The student must agree to participate the Government Test & Trace scheme before taking the test. In the event that the examiner or the client develop symptoms in the days after the test, the NHS Test & Trace service will use data DVSA collects from the student to contact them.

  • The student will have to provide and wear a face covering for the duration of the test. The examiner will provide one if needed. This is a mandatory requirement unless the DVSA is informed at the time that the booking. The student will have to provide a suitable reason for not wearing the face covering such as a physical or mental illness, impairment or disability that means the student cannot put on or remove one.

7. Terms and conditions may be affected during the Coronavirus (COVID 19) period 

  • Late cancellation condition maybe waived if the student is demonstrating virus symptoms or has been in contact with someone who has symptoms of the virus. 

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