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Lesson Guide

Driving a car is an expression of freedom. Learning to drive is an essential life skill that cannot be taken for granted. Most of us only take lessons in order to pass a driving test. It’s important, therefore, to ensure you get the best, most complete driving education possible.

Learning to drive is only part of the journey. At Stop Stalling, we teach you how to drive a car safely and confidently so that your driving test is not a test but an opportunity for you to demonstrate how safe and confident you are as a person and as a driver. We encourage and support you to learn to drive on all roads and in all conditions. We challenge you to overcome your driving fears so that you are free and confident in all situations including motorways.    

Each lesson is planned as an opportunity to learn a new junction, or a reversing manoeuvre or develop a particular skill that gives you the confidence to drive safely. Learning is at your own pace so you can feel confident of a particular roundabout or crossroad which may be on your route home.

The Curriculum

The driving curriculum can be summarised into three overlapping areas:


You will start by learning basic car control and dealing with simple junctions safely.


As you progress, gaining skills, knowledge and confidence, we start dealing with more complicated junctions, reversing manoeuvres and building up awareness of all other road users.  By this stage you will be getting closer to booking your test.


In the final third of your lessons you focus on your planning and anticipation decision making, we learn how to drive safely when following a sat nav or road signs and we prepare for your test.

Stop Stalling Automatic Driving School C
Your instructor is with you, instructing you, supporting you
and coaching you every step of the way.

Progress Sheet

Your instructor shall keep a record of your lessons which record your progress. Together with your instructor, your learning is assessed at the end of each lesson providing you with a real time record of your progress. Below is a list of the areas covered in your driving lessons;

  • Introduction to car controls, mirrors and signals

  • Moving off and stopping

  • Approaching left and right turns

  • Emerging at T junctions

  • Crossroads

  • Roundabouts

  • Reversing into a parking bay

  • Driving forward into a parking bay

  • Parallel parking

  • Pulling over to the right

  • Approaching pedestrian crossings

  • Emergency stopping

  • Dual carriageways

  • Meeting other vehicles

  • Adequate clearance

  • Use of speed and hesitation

  • Normal road position

  • Following road signs

  • Following a sat navigation

  • Show me tell me questions

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